A digital twin of field crops

We model field crops to quantify the impact of weather on agricultural production

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Model crops from subfield to region-scale

We model field crops at ultra high resolution seamlessly from subfield to region-scale. 

Growth module

Our growth module tracks field crops in near real-time from sowing to harvest to tell you exactly in which growth stage a crop is.

Biomass module

Our biomass module estimates crop biomass throughout the growth cycle.

Visualize the effect of climate change on agriculture

The growth period of cereals has shortened by approximately two weeks compared to 1972! This has severe consequences on agriculture.

Yield forecasts

Our models enable precise yield forecasting at any point in the season. Our most reliable forecasts start two months before harvest.

We quantify the effect of weather on yield

Our state-of-the-art models enable cause and effect relationships. We can tell you what was the most likely cause of yield loss in a specific year.

Identify key action windows in your region

Track the agricultural inputs and outputs over time for a region of your choice. Plan the distribution of inputs, such as fertilizer for your region. Plan the logistics for the harvest down to each individual field.